Sensiba LLP and Impakt IQ Partner to Launch ESG Assessment Tool

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 ESG assessment tool that aligns with the world’s leading ESG and sustainability standards

Sensiba, an accounting and business-consulting firm, and Impakt IQ (IIQ), a leading environmental, social, and governance (ESG) assessment, reporting and intelligence tool, are excited to announce an exclusive deployment partnership to connect the dots between ESG opportunities and risk, and their impacts to an organization’s bottom-line performance.

Impakt IQ’s approach features a powerful toolset that enables companies to measure and manage their ESG intelligence. It generates an ESG score, ESG statement, and ESG report that are backed by auditable investment-grade data and aligned with the world’s leading sustainability and ESG standards, including the Task Force for Climate Change Disclosure (TCFD), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), and the SEC. The Impakt IQ approach is a systems-based process that stands on the shoulders of 15+ years of experience, knowledge, and demonstrated profitable results.

The Impakt IQ tool addresses a company’s ESG blind spots and provides insight into ESG impacts, allowing executives to leverage this intelligence to make informed business decisions. The approach and toolkit help inform and connect all leaders of an organization, creating cross functional awareness and holistic insight into ESG risks, opportunities, and value creation.

The Impakt IQ report and toolkit is to ESG what a Financial Report is to finance. This tool enables organizations to evaluate and generate their ESG scores internally, giving them insight and control over their ESG management, disclosure, and narrative in a way that aligns with investor-grade standards and is fully auditable. Reporting components include:

  • The IIQ ESG Report: reveals and identifies an organization’s ESG current state, financial and reputational risks, and value creation opportunities, all organized elegantly into intuitive decision-useful information aimed at helping drive profitability
  • The IIQ ESG Scorecard (akin to a financial P&L): benchmarks and rates these financial and reputational risks and value creation opportunities for every industry-specific material key performance indicator (KPI) within an organization
  • The IIQ ESG Statement: is derived from company generated due diligence documents, leadership input from across the organization, and industry sector specific data collected from over 1,100 data points
  • Additional proprietary tools: a dual materiality assessment, benchmarking analysis, financial risk assessment, reputational risk assessment, and top impact and ESG issues for an organization

“Accounting firms have been measuring and calculating risk from a business’s financial data forever,” says John Sensiba, managing partner of Sensiba. “With ESG issues increasingly taking center stage in today’s interconnected economy, it only makes sense that we measure and calculate risk from all the non-financial sustainability data in a standardized way as well.”

“I have been developing an ESG Intelligence tool to help business leaders evolve to sustainable business models profitably for over 15 years when I recognized the link between financial and brand performance and sustainable business practices. The missing link to scaling ESG Intelligence and this tool has been the lack of a recognized global ESG standard — that changed in November 2021 with the announcement of the ISSB and subsequently SASB and TCFD rolling up under the ISSB,” says Elisa Turner, founder of Impakt IQ. “All the pieces of the puzzle now exist, and we are excited to be scaling the Impakt IQ ESG Intelligence tool 3.0 with Sensiba. When we looked for an industry partner to team up with Sensiba and their Sensiba Center for Sustainability was the only logical choice out there, they are aligned in values and the belief that ESG performance today is interconnected to financial performance and integrated reporting is the future.”

“The Sensiba sustainability team has been beta testing this tool for several months on three separate projects; the initial feedback has been really positive as it is offering insights into areas for operational improvement and risk management” says Scott Anderson, SASB and audit partner at Sensiba. “The fact that it is aligned with SASB and TCFD, was critical to our decision making and this supports the credibility of the assessment outcomes.  This alignment also reinforces that our assessment results will segues nicely into sustainability reporting that stakeholders are increasingly requesting.”

About Impakt IQ

Impakt IQ (IIQ) helps organizations evolve to an impact performance mindset, culture, and framework that creates a material positive impact on society and the environment while building a more resilient and profitable business.​ IIQ ESG framework and reporting provides insight into what matters most and allows leadership to see “all” impact risks and opportunities relating to each other and their whole organization, backed by auditable investment-grade data and aligned with Task Force for Climate Change Disclosure (TCFD), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), and the SEC. For more information, visit