ESG strategy and initiatives tailored to your goals.

By prioritizing sustainable practices and addressing ESG, you can enhance your reputation, mitigate risk, and reduce costs. In an increasingly complex economic and regulatory environment, investors, consumers, and talent are looking for companies with strong ESG performancecreating new opportunities for growth and expansion. Strategic ESG implementation can help your business unlock these benefits and achieve a more sustainable and profitable future.

Our Sustainability Services

B Corp Certification Consulting

B Corp certification enhances a company’s reputation, attracts ESG-conscious investors and customers, and improves stakeholder morale. Our consultants are committed to helping companies navigate the certification process, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop practical strategies that promote long-term success.

SASB Standards and CDP Disclosures

Clients, vendors, and investors are asking for SASB reports or CDP scores. We can help your team compile the material ESG indicators needed to satisfy stakeholder requests. We’ll then collaborate on a strategy to help you manage risks and opportunities identified in your report so you can take immediate action to improve your financial return on investment and reduce risk.

Impakt IQ ESG Intelligence and Reporting Tool

If you’re reassessing your strategic position and operations, traditional financial reports likely won’t address stakeholder questions about your ESG efforts. The Impakt IQ tool, in contrast, is designed explicitly to evaluate ESG risks and opportunities. With the Impakt IQ tool, you can better understand your organization’s ESG performance and make informed decisions to address any issues.

Climate Neutral Certification Consulting

Take a step closer to your net zero commitments with Climate Neutral certification. Our team can support you throughout the certification process with data collection, carbon footprint measurement, and emissions reduction planning.

Sensiba Center for Sustainability’s Process

Sustainability Process

Jun 27

Phase 1: Sustainability & ESG Assessments

The first step is to assess the current organizational landscape to identify key opportunities and threats. This phase enables all organizations to establish baselines and pinpoint the most appropriate places to intervene for maximum impact across relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics.

Jun 27

Phase 2: Sustainability Strategy and Climate Action Planning

Now we can begin building a strategic plan together and put initiatives into action that demonstrate the nexus between sustainability and good business practices to build credibility and generate momentum. We can accelerate this process by helping organizations identify areas of inefficiency that directly impact resource use and plan for a low carbon future — we call it making the business case for sustainability.  

Jun 27

Phase 3: Sustainability Reporting

Once you have a structure in place for measuring, managing, and mitigating your impacts, we can collaborate with your communications and marketing teams to integrate sustainability performance into core messaging and branding. This critical step helps demystify a complex topic, share your story in an authentic and brand-appropriate way, and cultivate a new generation of consumers who are ready to reward your leadership.

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Your podcast has already been a huge help as we work to define our organization’s footprint and develop a NetSuite-based greenhouse gas accounting practice for our firm. You’re a big star in this lovely niche.

Brian Wenzl
Opal Creek Consulting


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