Cloud Software: Remote Accounting for Finance Teams

Your accountants may be working from home, but what about your accounting processes? In many cases, working from home means “making do” with a lesser version of the office that lacks the same tools, data, and easy collaborative opportunities. Accountants may be able to get things done remotely, but never as efficiently or productively as they could sitting at their own desk – especially with QuickBooks.

As an “introductory” accounting solution, QuickBooks delivers the basic tools businesses need to operate in normal times – which ended with the first wave of Coronavirus-related shutdowns. Surviving the pandemic required smarter, more streamlined tools for tracking things like cash flow. But even more importantly, the accounting department needs to untether itself from the office so that it can operate exceptionally even remotely. QuickBooks, unfortunately, makes that impossible.

Why the Cloud Matters More than Ever

Some accounting departments have resisted moving to the cloud, possibly because of concerns over cybersecurity or satisfaction with the status quo. That approach may have been acceptable before…but not anymore.

With offices closed indefinitely and increased remote work seeming certain, finance teams need to be effective from anywhere: inside the office, at their desk at home, or from an international airport. Only the cloud facilitates remote access that’s as truly robust as the in-office experience. Users have access to the same databases and toolkit regardless of location. Accountants can handle routine workflows like accounts receivable while still focusing on big picture budgeting and planning initiatives, all without compromising anything. With the cloud, remote work feels just like regular work.

If that was advantageous before, it’s essential now. Finance teams must be able to operate at full-strength for as long as the pandemic and its effects last. Otherwise, problems related to communication, coordination, and accessibility could pile on top of the problems companies are already struggling with, creating a tipping point they can’t recover from.

Sage Intacct – Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

In this decisive moment, accounting can either be an asset or a liability. The cloud doesn’t guarantee positive outcomes. However, it does make those outcomes possible – unlike on-premises software like QuickBooks.

As other companies have outgrown QuickBooks and started searching for a cloud-based replacement better suited to their needs, many have enthusiastically graduated to Sage Intacct. Not only does it offer a complete financial management solution equipped to address the full-circle of finance. It offers complete functionality out of the cloud without sacrificing speed, scale, or seamless access.

Here’s a simple question: is your accounting team checking all the boxes right now? If not, don’t assume the pandemic makes big changes too risky or puts exciting improvements out of reach. Investigate Sage Intacct instead – an affordable and easy-to-implement accounting upgrade that operates fluently out of the cloud. Contact us to learn more.