Ep #70: Sustainability & ESG in Accounting with Okorie Ramsey

In some minds, accounting and sustainability don’t go together. But the truth is, they need to. This week, join Okorie Ramsey to discover the impact of a larger sustainability focus on the current and future states of the accounting industry.

Show Notes

In his day job, Okorie Ramsey is the Vice President of Sarbanes/Oxley for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. This involves strategy, testing, and evaluating internal controls and assessing business risk to assist in building an effective internal control over Kaiser’s financial reporting.

In his capacity as a volunteer, Okorie currently serves as the Chairman of the AICPA and has previously served on various nonprofit boards supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in accounting and finance. This makes him the perfect person to discuss todays topic: sustainability and ESG in the accounting world.

In some minds, accounting and sustainability don’t go together. But the truth is, they need to. In order for our economy to stay strong for the future, accounting needs to have a greater focus on sustainability, so tune in this week to discover exactly what that is going to look like.

    What You'll Learn

  • Why Sustainability and ESG Have Become Prominent Topics in Accounting Over the Past Few Years.
  • How Okorie Is Bringing the Sustainability Conversation Center Stage in the Accounting Industry.
  • What Inspired Okorie to Become an Accountant.
  • The Significant Drop in Accounting Graduates Coming Through and How the Industry Is Addressing This Problem.
  • How Focusing on Sustainability and ESG Has The Potential to Bring a New Generation of Accountants Down the Pipeline.
  • Why ESG Reporting Matters Deeply for Business Owners and the Overall Economic Impact of Reporting.
  • The Adaptations We Need to See in the Accounting Industry Regarding Non-Financial ESG Reporting.
  • Why Right Now Is the Time to Start Preparing for Non-Financial ESG Reporting in 2026.
  • Okorie’s Advice in Discovering What ESG and Sustainability Will Look Like in Your Organization.

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