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Audit Partner

With over 25 years of entrepreneur experience, Audit Partner Jeff Stark is dedicated to quality financial reporting. He specializes in revenue recognition, complex debt/equity transactions, mergers and acquisitions, accounting for income taxes, and purchase accounting for technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As the Firm’s Technology practice leader, Jeff has extensive experience advising clients on exit strategies, initial public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. As a one-time entrepreneur that founded, built, and sold his own company, Jeff has first-hand experience with merger and acquisition readiness on the sell-side, and due diligence execution on the buy-side. With this unique skill set, Jeff assists his clients in all forms of business combination transactions.

Jeff is extremely passionate about applying his experience to help his clients do things right and solve their business challenges. He works extensively with professionally managed venture-backed companies seeking to grow and ultimately be acquired or pursue an IPO path. He works with clients in enterprise software, cloud/SaaS, network equipment, internet security software, fab-less semi-conductor, development stage enterprises, healthcare, internet advertising, print media, market research, and communications.

Jeff also has received certification in blockchain technology from the AICPA and CIMA. He understands the current landscape, business applications, and financial control considerations associated with blockchain use as well as regulatory concerns and governance related to blockchain implementations.


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