Sensiba Launches Internal Coaching Program to Support Clients and Professionals

By: Vikki Nicometo

Sensiba’s new career coach program is designed to help the firm’s client-facing audit, tax, consulting, and sustainability professionals improve their client service, productivity, and skills by pairing them with trained and certified coaches who support them during monthly meetings.

“Our overall goal for the coaching program is to help our people reach their highest potential and serve their clients more effectively by understanding themselves better,” says Managing Partner John Sensiba. “As the coaches help our people remove performance barriers, they can help them achieve their goals and be more successful.”

Since the program launched in August, nearly 200 of our professionals have been paired with a coach. The program is required for team members from associates through managers, and optional for senior managers.

Benefits for Our Professionals

The coaching program has the potential to be transformative for the firm and provide tremendous advantages for our clients and professionals alike. Our coaches will help team members

  • Develop resilience.
  • Gain confidence to have difficult conversations.
  • Delegate work more effectively
  • Gain more clarity about their work and role.
  • Break down client service challenges or ongoing projects into manageable steps.
  • Develop detailed plans to help them achieve their goals.

Our professionals will also gain insights into any internal obstacles that may be hindering their ability to reach their full potential. For instance, it’s common for people to have mindset challenges that can undermine their confidence, such as over-thinking minor issues.

Impact on Sensiba

The program will also increase employee engagement and retention, while providing a powerful recruiting tool for attracting early career and experienced professionals. As candidates review and compare potential employers, the availability of certified career coaches provides a powerful point of differentiation as well as demonstrating that we are willing to invest time and money to help our professionals increase their productivity and performance.

Overall, providing quality coaching to our people creates palpable excitement within the firm by reinforcing our people-first culture and passion for helping people and clients. This program provides tangible evidence of the partners being willing to invest in our people and our culture.

About Sensiba

Sensiba’s comprehensive accounting, tax, and consulting services help businesses and people solve problems, navigate complexity, and build a foundation for sustainable growth. We’re passionate about collaborating with clients to increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and prepare to embrace emerging opportunities. As a certified B Corp, we foster a culture where people, families, and communities thrive. We support our clients’ international accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting needs as an independent member of Morison Global.