Sensiba Partners With North Star Carbon Management To Elevate GHG Emissions Services for Clients

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Sensiba is proud to announce a strategic partnership with North Star Carbon Management, a pioneer in carbon accounting and management technology. This collaboration will help clients track, report, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Through this partnership, Sensiba will integrate North Star Carbon Management’s GHG Protocol-aligned platform into its services, offering clients a comprehensive solution for managing their carbon footprint across Scopes 1-3. The North Star platform is designed to simplify the complexities of carbon accounting, providing accurate, auditable data for making informed decisions about sustainability strategies and climate action plans.

“GHG emissions are among the most critical focus areas for companies in today’s economy, and partnering with North Star enables us to offer our clients unparalleled insights into their carbon footprint,” said Julien Gervreau, Director of ESG and Sustainability Services at Sensiba. “This empowers them to take meaningful action toward reducing their environmental impact.”

North Star Carbon Management’s platform is renowned for its user-friendly interface, robust data analytics, supply chain emissions functionality, and comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities. It enables organizations to effectively manage their emissions, generate opportunities for improved operational efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sensiba, a firm that shares our vision for accurate, reliable, and auditable climate impact management,” said Josh Prigge, CEO of North Star Carbon Management. “Together, we will provide businesses with the tools they need to not only understand their carbon footprint but to actively reduce it. This partnership is a testament to our collective commitment to driving positive environmental change.”

The collaboration between Sensiba and North Star Carbon Management represents an important step in the fight against climate change and the movement of financial accounting firms into the carbon accounting world. By combining Sensiba’s accounting and consulting expertise with North Star’s advanced technology, this partnership will enable businesses to navigate the challenges of carbon accounting, risk management, and contributing to a low-carbon future.

About North Star Carbon Management

North Star Carbon Management is at the forefront of carbon accounting and management technology. Its innovative platform assists businesses in easily and accurately measuring, managing, reporting, and reducing their carbon emissions, supporting global efforts to combat climate change.

About Sensiba

Sensiba’s comprehensive accounting, tax, and consulting services help businesses and people solve problems, navigate complexity, and build a foundation for sustainable growth. We’re passionate about collaborating with clients to increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and prepare to embrace emerging opportunities. As a certified B Corp, we foster a culture where people, families, and communities thrive. We support our clients’ international accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting needs as an independent member of Morison Global.