4 Reasons Sage Intacct’s Open API Should Put it at the Top of Your ERP List

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Sage Intacct became one of the leading financial management solutions on the market for lots of reasons. These include flexibility, advanced automation, intuitive features, complex accounting capabilities, etc. However, a compelling feature that distinguishes it from much of the competition is also one of the least understood – its open Application Programming Interface (API).

In the simplest terms possible, open APIs allow one piece of software to communicate with another, like a shared language. Sage Intacct offers an open API, unlike many other ERP and accounting tools on the market. This means that it encourages and facilitates integrating other products with itself. That might not sound particularly impressive, but in reality, it has game-changing implications.

Four Benefits of Sage Intacct ERP’s Open API

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Digital transformation promises to streamline and optimize everything companies do by placing technology at the center of each department. It improves efficiency, transparency, and collaboration across all aspects of the enterprise, unleashing a new era of opportunity. Crucially, it also connects disparate departments, creating an organization that seamlessly shares information and collectively tackles initiatives.

Sage Intacct’s open API accelerates digital transformation by enabling one critical software platform to integrate with all others. Without these developer-enabled building blocks, digital transformation slows down significantly.

Put the Focus on Finance

Once thought of as bean counters, the finance and accounting department now sits at the organization’s top. CFOs play a major role in developing an enterprise strategy, and few decisions happen without consulting finance first.

Open APIs enable finance professionals to integrate data from various sources, such as sales, marketing, logistics, and operations, into Sage Intacct. This empowers CFOs and accountants to learn more. Similarly, integrated software allows stakeholders in any department to access the data they need for sound financial decision-making.

Avoid Unreliable IT

Without open APIs, software integrations often create as many problems as they solve because the link between systems isn’t nearly as robust. The accounting software may be able to share data, but there’s little guarantee the data is complete, accurate, or always accessible.

In addition to the poor performance, traditional software integrations tend to be expensive and time-consuming to build because developers must painstakingly customize each aspect. Companies can avoid the perils of “incomplete integration” by using a system like Sage Intacct that’s purpose-built to harmonize with everything around it.

Unlock the Power of Data

With digital data pouring in from countless sources, companies can now analyze and understand things that have always been mysteries. But to get the deepest insights possible, they must be able to look at all the information available. Without an open API, data becomes segregated into silos and decision-makers end up with blind spots (or huge misconceptions) in their understanding. By using open APIs, Sage Intacct becomes a single source of truth where users can explore all of the data in one place.

How Can Sage Intacct’s Open API Benefit You?

Experts consider open APIs the gold standard in making software integration accessible for all involved. Yet Sage Intacct software is one of the few enterprise-class accounting solutions that push openness to the forefront. If you share that priority, it may be time to reconsider your IT strategy and investigate where Sage Intacct fits. Contact our experts to get started and learn how Sage Intacct’s open API can streamline your operations.