The Story Behind Our Brand

On June 5, 2023, Sensiba San Filippo LLP became Sensiba LLP—a new name and identity representing our steadfast commitment to our clients, our people, and the planet.

Our new identity reflects our growth as a firm, and aligns our appearance and voice to provide continuity within our expanded service lines and customer segments. We’ve updated how we present ourselves to better demonstrate our capabilities and, more importantly, our values as a firm.

Our new logo depicts three glass panels representing how we invest and evaluate strategies through the lenses of family, community, and firm. The transparency demonstrates our approach to how we serve clients and the overlapping panels highlight the connections between those areas.

Our new name is shorter, clearer, and reflects the way many team members and clients already refer to us. Instead of basing a firm name on initials, Sensiba reflects the personal engagement we bring to every interaction with clients, employees, recruits, and the organizations and causes we support. Our first core value states, “We’re people first,” and our name upholds that statement in a way initials couldn’t.

To learn more about our evolution, watch our brand video:

Our New Brand

The rebranding process began nearly a year ago with input from clients and employees as we developed a modern brand to represent our values, align our people, and reinforce our approachable, people-first culture.

Rest assured that we’re the same firm, with the same ownership and the same commitment to working every day to solve complex problems while building a foundation for sustainable growth. We’ll continue to be steeped in our B Corp values, and to care about the clients we serve, our families, communities, and each other.

We invite you to read our rebranding news release, and to explore our new site!