What You Need to Know About a Software Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

As organizations consider large or complex software purchases, enlisting support from a value-added reseller (VAR) can provide a more efficient and cost-effective approach than dealing directly with the software publisher.

What Is a Value-Added Reseller?

VARs are common in industries that require deep technical knowledge. Because software publishers are less likely to understand the nuances associated with specific industries, VARs add value by mastering the details of specific software solutions and serving as expert consultants, product support specialists, and customer advocates.

VARs can develop deeper relationships with their clients that go beyond a sale to include implementation, training, and ongoing support. These can be especially important for smaller or mid-sized organizations that may not feel like a priority as they consider working with larger software publishers.

Benefits of Using VARs

Objective Advice

One of the primary benefits of dealing with VARs is their objective advice about whether a given software platform will be a good fit for your organization’s needs. Since VARs aren’t beholden to one software publisher, they can invest time in getting to know your organization and helping you evaluate your options.

These company-specific insights can be critical in evaluating software solutions aimed at broad markets. For instance, publishers often focus on adding functionality to their products, but it can be difficult to understand whether a wide range of features, typically aimed at a broad market, will offer benefits to your organization.

And if a specific application isn’t a good fit for your needs, a VAR can tell you objectively not to buy it.

Broader Industry Experience

Another advantage of working with value-added resellers is their experience dealing with client companies within your industry, and often of similar size or development stage. This experience allows them to better understand your business needs as well as regulatory changes that can influence how you’ll use a software solution.

If, for instance, you’re considering an accounting system such as Sage Intacct, the VAR will understand which optional modules you’ll need, as well as how the solution will integrate with your other software tools to improve efficiency across all functions.

Another VAR advantage with accounting systems is that we approach situations with the perspective and experience of a full-service accounting and advisory firm. We’re not just systems people; we understand clients’ financial reporting and management challenges, and how technology tools can help address those. For more information on our Sage Intacct services visit our page.

Implementation Support

Beyond the sale, a VAR can help your organization implement the software, train staff members, and review the system’s performance to identify improvement opportunities on an ongoing basis.

The value-added reseller team will understand the differences of each software solution and can apply real-world experience to help their clients avoid common mistakes and get the most from their investment.

In contrast, many software publishers take a transactional approach to implementation and training by outsourcing those services to outside providers that also view their role as a one-time engagement.

Potential Pricing Advantages

Depending on the specific solution, a VAR may have stronger buying power and the ability to offer more favorable pricing than a single-implementation customer may be able to get on its own. If not, they may be able to offer lower pricing on related services such as implementation, training, and support.

Getting Started with Your Technological Journey

As you weigh your options for large or complex software purchases, remember that enlisting the services of a value-added reseller can provide increased efficiency and cost savings. VARs are common in industries where deep technical knowledge is required.

They offer industry-specific expertise and develop relationships with clients beyond the initial sale to include implementation, training, and ongoing support. If you want to learn more about how we could help you as a VAR, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of using value-added resellers for buying and implementing accounting and financial management solutions, contact us.