Episode #2 — Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate for Sustainability and Social Impact

Derek HansenCEO and Co-Founder of Mynt Systems

We are going to dig into energy efficiency, climate change and how businesses can upgrade their building’s performance to not only make the inhabitants of that building healthier and more comfort, but lessen their carbon footprint as well as save some serious cash in the process.

Show Notes

Welcome back to Rebooting Capitalism, everybody! We have another fantastic guest and topic to discuss today, and this time we’re diving a bit more into the environmental sustainability side of things. Our guest for this episode is Derek Hansen, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mynt Systems.

Mynt Systems was designed to meet the demand from many different industries for commercial energy efficiency. Mynt has taken a fragmented and confusing process and brought it under one roof, a one-stop shop for energy efficiency. They combine the assessment, engineering, design and implementation into one package that is easy to understand, financially appealing and ecologically responsible.

Mynt Systems has the ambitious goal of revolutionizing commercial real estate, and they are making their mark with big projects and impressive retrofitting efforts. Derek describes the ethos and history behind their approach, why we need ecologically sustainable and human-friendly commercial buildings, and some of the amazing technologies and strategies he and his team are implementing. Derek also talks about some of the most game-changing technologies and approaches that are coming down the pipeline, and what he’s done to enhance his personal commitment to sustainability in the last year.

    What You'll Learn

  • How Derek became interested in making commercial buildings more energy efficient and sustainable.
  • Simple things that commercial building owners can do to reduce their energy and environmental impact.
  • Common challenges for making commercial buildings more energy efficient.
  • Why creating a split incentive that benefits both building owners and tenants is a key part of Mynt Systems’ strategy.
  • How making a building more energy efficient – and even turning it into an energy generator – can have a big return on investment.
  • Some of the most interesting technologies Derek has seen coming down the pipeline, and why his company is invested in big, game-changing energy projects.
  • Why the triple bottom line (planet, profit, and people) is an integral part of Mynt’s ethos.

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