Why You’ll Love Sage Intacct’s New Interactive Visual Explorer

Finance and business leaders can make better decisions by understanding their data more easily with the help of Sage Intacct’s new Interactive Visual Explorer tool.

Part of Sage Intacct’s 2020 R4 release, the Interactive Visual Explorer provides visual representations of real-time financial data to help company leaders understand — at a glance — the factors driving their performance and potential opportunities.

The tool visualizes data across a variety of business dimensions to help business leaders gain real-time performance insights by quickly understanding trends, patterns, and correlations without having to wait for reports following a financial period close.

Interactive Visual Explorer includes more than 200 pre-built visualizations highlighting key performance metrics including revenue and expenses by customer, category, location, payment status, and other characteristics. Organizations can also build their own visualizations easily without specialized skills.

Business users can customize views and permissions to share real-time data in the format that tells their story most effectively and helps stakeholders understand the organization’s performance, opportunities, and emerging risks.

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